Peterborough Children's Water Festival

Peterborough Children's Water Festival

Nourish is delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in Peterborough Children’s Water Festival.  The festival celebrated its 17th anniversary.  It brought thousands of local students to the Peterborough Riverview Park and Zoo to learn where water goes, how it's treated, how animals rely on it and more.  There was an activity centre for everything!  You could literally see students thinking and making connections with how we should treat water.

That feeling and sense of connection fell right in line with Nibii Giinwiindawan, a 5 module Indigenous curriculum we developed in partnership with Healthy Kids Community Challenge. The curriculum speaks to all the ways in which we can develop and strengthen our relationship in a fun and engaging way for kids.

We were delighted to release this curriculum during the Peterborough Children's Water Festival and in the midst of National Indigenous History Month.  We adapted one of the community modules and turned it into an activity centre for festival participants to enjoy.

Teachers received a postcard with the free download link to learn more about the curriculum.  It was clear that teachers were excited to discover a new resource that they can use in their classrooms.

(Photo credit: Tiny Greens)