Food Box

Nourish Food Box


Nourish has adapted its JustFood program to better meet community needs in light of the pandemic. We have transformed our approach to provide access to healthy, affordable food to as many people as possible in a challenging context.

Unfortunately, we cannot take individual orders. We simply do not have the capacity to respond to the volume of requests we receive.


How to Order


If you want to receive a box, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Be connected to a community contact. At this point in time, however, we do not have enough community contacts for the volume of requests we receive.  This means that if you send us a message, letting us know that you want to receive a food box, your name will be added to a waitlist, and you will only hear from us when we have a community contact available to pair you with.
  • Once you are able to join a contact’s list, you will need to let them know when you want to place an order, and what method you will use to pay for your box.
  • Pay the YWCA for your box using cash or e-transfers.



Large boxes cost $10.
Small ones cost $5. 

These low prices are possible thanks to YWCA Peterborough Haliburton's long commitment to supporting greater access to food, as well as subsidies from our donors. We pay $22 to produce large boxes, and $12 for small boxes.​

With this payment, you will receive about $30 of food in large boxes and $15 in small ones. You will get roughly three times as much food as you would if you were purchasing it yourself from the grocery store.

We source our food locally whenever possible. Local foods included in the boxes will be highlighted in the food box newsletter.


Become a Contact

We need volunteer community contacts who are able to take orders from a small group of people, and then pass that order list on to us.

If you are willing to be a volunteer community contact, please get in touch with Amanda at: or 705-743-3526 ext. 105