Community Seed Network

Seeds in hand

We are very proud to have been working with the newly launched Community Seed Network 

A partnership between USC Canada, and Seed Savers Exchange, The Community Seed Network connects and supports community seed initiatives by providing resources, information,
and a platform for networking. Check out the site, it is full of amazing resources and information, And, if you are a seed saver, sign up to join the Network 


Our staff member, Jill Bishop, sits on the Steering Committee and has been working with them for over a year to get this initiative started. If you would like to get involved in seed saving this season, we are planting Urban Seed Saving Gardens in a few of our community gardens, can connect you with high quality seeds to plant and save in your own gardens, will be hosting educational workshops throughout the season, and can help you learn proper harvesting, cleaning and storing techniques when the time comes! Learn more by getting in touch or reading up about our Community Seed Library and Seed Savers Collective 

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