Waiting For Real Jobs

A play written by Nourish Knowledge Transfer Specialist Elisha May Rubacha

This play was produced during the Precarious Festival in November of 2019.

A word from the playwright, Elisha May Rubacha:

Precarious work is a rapidly growing problem. Nearly two thirds of our community in Peterborough City and County is in either a precarious or vulnerable employment situation. Fewer and fewer employers offer living wage jobs that provide income security. This has a detrimental effect on physical and mental health outcomes as working people struggle to put food on the table and keep a roof overhead. Over 60% of food insecure households are supported by working people who simply cannot earn enough money to make ends meet.

This play, written with the generous support of Nourish, tells the story of precarious work among educated millennials. It is based on my own lived experience of poverty, as well as my professional knowledge.

I would like to thank Joëlle Favreau, Nourish Manager, for giving me the opportunity to write this script as part of my Knowledge Transfer Specialist role; Kate Story, both for her mentorship and for directing this production; Simon Banderob, Eryn Lidster, Justin Million, Janette Platana, and Stephen Stamp for their contributions while I was workshopping an early version of the script; and of course to the cast, Ryan Kerr, Di Latchford, Kelsey Powell, Dan Smith, and Lindsay Unterlander for bringing my script to life. This production would not have been possible without their support.

For more information about Precarious work in Peterborough City and County visit: https://www.peterboroughpublichealth.ca/peri/