Urban Seed Saving Gardens


We’re growing  a diversity of heirloom crops in five Urban Seed Saving community garden plots across the region in order to promote the growth of unique heirloom crops in diverse spaces, provide ingredients for our cooking programs, provide an opportunity to share skills and stories, and increase the quantity & quality of locally grown seeds available in our community.

We will be growing Molokhia, a green commonly used in Syrian cuisine, Red Fife Wheat, a grain with a rich history in the Kawarthas, Multi-Hued Amaranth (pictured above) which was collected from the Calvary Community Garden Seed Saving plot last season, dry beans provided from a local grower in Curve Lake, carrots as part of a national initiative with Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security and more!

Are you interested in seed saving?
Want to learn more or share your skills?
And help these gardens GROW?

Whether you are brand new to seed saving, or have years of experience to contribute, we would be happy to have you involved. Throughout the season, we wil be hosting collective planting, maintainence and harvesting workshops. Email us at growing@nourisphroject.ca or call 705.743.3526 x115 to learn more and get involved!