Theft From Community Gardens

Do not steal

It's that wonderful time of year when community gardens are starting to produce abundant harvests (hopefully!) It is important to remember and share with those who might not know ... UNLESS SPECIFICALLY NOTED, OR PERMISSION IS GIVEN PLEASE DO NOT PICK FROM A COMMUNITY GARDEN

Community gardens are mostly allotment plots, which means that the plots belong to individuals or families who have worked very hard (especially in this year of extreme drought!)  to grow that food, and are anxiously awaiting the rewards of their hard work. It is very disappointing for gardeners who have worked all season, and arrive at their plots to find their beets picked, or plants stripped of ripe tomatoes & peppers.

Although we readily use the term, community garden, that can mean many different things to many people. Over the years, we have learned that some people beleive that it means the food is free for the community to pick from. That is not the case. These plots are lovingly maintained by gardeners who are looking very forward to the produce. Many of them live on fixed incomes and rely on the food to supplement their budgets, stock up for the winter, and to increase the amount of fresh food they, and their family eat.

 Many gardens have clearly marked donation plots or give-away dates. If in doubt, PLEASE DO NOT PICK, the plots may look like they are not being used, but you don't know if the gardener is about to arrive later that day to pick ripe produce. If you are not sure,  ask another gardener or just continue to enjoy the garden with your eyes, ears, and nose, but not your hands or taste! Or, of course if you have any questions or would like a plot of your own to grow fresh vegetables & fruits, please feel free to contact us!