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Get set for Spring with Taste of Nourish!


We can likely all agree that Winter has lingered long enough. But, if the weather outside is any indication, it would appear that we are finally emerging from the deep freeze and beginning our transition to Spring. To mark this transition, we are running a full-slate of free food skills programming throughout the months of April and May. As you can see from the schedule, displayed below, many of these workshops are distinctly Spring-themed. Here is a snapshot of the weeks to come:

Passionate Chefs Build Community

As mentioned in the last post, one core ingredient at the heart of our success comes from the many chefs and community cooks who facilitate cooking classes at A Taste of Nourish.  It's really their dedication and continuous support which enable us to grow food skills and build community.  This post is a first in a series designed to highlight the many passionate chefs who are part of our Nourish team.

A Taste of Nourish

Imagine a community with a vibrant food culture, a community where everyone is able to enjoy healthy and delicious food, where everyone has extensive food skills, skills that can lead them to employment, if they so desire.  Imagine a community where everyone understands how the food system is driven by profit rather than human needs and where everyone is able to advocate for meaningful change.  Imagine a community where food is a vehicle to meet one another, to connect in a meaningful way and to build compelling relationships across differences. 

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