A step-by-step video tutorial showing you how to put your garden to bed for the Fall. Using these methods will help you have a more successful garden in the Spring with less work!

Growing Roots Across Generations & Communities

Directed by Brian Mitolo, this documentary showcases some of the amazing work happening in community gardens throughout Peterborough.

We asked gardeners 3 simple questions: How did you get involved in the garden? Your favourite part of being a part of a community garden? Something that surprised you? The documentary showcases their answers.

Produced by the Peterborough Community Garden Network with support from our funders the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

Seed Savers Collective

Check out this great video showcasing some Seedy work being done in the Peterborough community.
The video shows Peterborough Seedy Sunday, and the work of the emerging Peterborough Seed Savers Network.

PCGN is working to secure funding to produce a full-length film, but for now, this should get you excited for spring!

Thanks to the amazing producer Brian Mitolo, fabulous local director who also produced our community garden documentary: Growing Roots Across Generations and Communities.

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