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Get set for Spring with Taste of Nourish!


We can likely all agree that Winter has lingered long enough. But, if the weather outside is any indication, it would appear that we are finally emerging from the deep freeze and beginning our transition to Spring. To mark this transition, we are running a full-slate of free food skills programming throughout the months of April and May. As you can see from the schedule, displayed below, many of these workshops are distinctly Spring-themed. Here is a snapshot of the weeks to come:

County Roundtables

As the tag line on our blog states, the Nourish Project is all about food.  Nourish seeks to engage, empower and support communities throughout Peterborough County and City who share a common desire to explore and create positive change around food.

Tree For the Picking

Do you have a fruit tree which produces more than you can use?  If so, would you be interested in calling gleaners to the rescue?  They can come, collect the fruit from your tree and leave you a third of the harvest or simply pick what you don't want.  It's a win-win solution!  No more mess and an opportunity to support people who may not have access to healthy, local food.

The (not so) Secret Garden...

 Early on weekend mornings, before the sun rises, I take Maddi for long walks.  One of our favourite hikes takes us to a large community garden, near the Lift Lock.  Surrounded on three sides by bushes and trees, the garden has all the appearance of a secret one.  Usually, by the time we get there, the light starts to peak out in the sky.  Yesterday morning, as we walked by the garden, the trees were glistening with snow and frost.  There was no one around, the air was crisp with cold and the snow was crunchy under my feet.


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