fruit trees

Apples for the Picking...

I love the Fall for its bountiful offering of sweet and tart new apples.  Farmers' markets are teeming with an abundant diversity of varieties that one can try.  I love to eat different types of apples, raw or cooked, in savory dishes or sweet ones.  Do all these apples keep the doctor away?  I'm not sure they always do. Reading Michael Pollen's The Botany of Desire, I learned that this old slogan was purposely promoted by apple growers during the prohibition era.  The banning of alcohol consumption threatened the livelihood of apple growers who were heavily invested in the product

Heritage Tree Book

I have been engaged in a story telling project for a couple of years now.  I interview women I know to learn about their experiences.  This is a process which is teaching me a great deal.  I see the stories I am collecting as fireflies in the night creating a web of lights helping me make better sense of the world.

Fruitful guardians of the city

Can fruit trees become a symbol of generosity, aesthetics and warmth?  That's a question that led a Los Angeles trio of artists and fruit tree enthusiasts to come together and form an art collective.  According to them, fruit offers an avenue for re-imagining the world in which we live.

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