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A parking lot sprouts a vibrant community

Big Yellow Taxi

Big yellow taxi was one of the first Canadian songs I learned.  A friend of mine had a copy of Ladies of the Canyon where the song was first released.  Its environmental theme appealed to me and its catchy chorus became forever etched into my memory.  From that point on, any cursory glance at parking lots would bring back Joni Mitchell’s playful alliteration:

They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot.

Nourish is looking for a Summer Intern

Are you passionate about ensuring everyone has access to good food?  Are you searching for a rewarding paid internship this summer?  Nourish is looking for a Summer Intern to assist with its Taste of Nourish programming.

If you want to join our team and spend a summer cooking, gardening and working around food issues, consider this opportunity:

A Taste of Nourish Intern Position Summer 2015

Limited Incomes: A Recipe for Hunger

Do you know how much it costs to follow a healthy diet in Ontario?  If you are not sure and want to find out, you can ask your local health unit, they have the answers.  In fact, they have been gathering answers to this question for the past 6 years throughout the province, and for close to 25 years here in Peterborough.

"More, please!"

Canning workshop

For the past 9 months, St Andrew's United Church in Peterborough has been the site of a mouth-watering pilot project called A Taste of Nourish.  Every other week until September and weekly since then, participants have been invited to enroll in cooking classes designed to grow access to healthy food and enhance food skills.  Participants' feedback and a recently conducted evaluation have taught us that this initiative is having a positive impact.

Seeds of Hope

On December 14th, along with over 30 community members, I had the opportunity to participate in a Walk of Hope and friendships.  For the second year in a row, organizers of the event wanted to grow a symbolic garland of lights, streaming together bright landmarks of social justice throughout the city of Peterborough.

Small, yet powerful

I enjoy gardening for lots of reasons.  One of them is seeing how powerful a small item, such as a seed, can be.  Kale seeds, for instance, are really small, yet they have the power to yield such nutritious meals, beauty, conversations and community.  Why conversations and community?  Because I plant most of my kale in my front yard.  As a result kids in my neighbourhood and some of their parents ask me about those strange vegetables that grow in my yard.  I also get lots of questions about how to cook kale.

Tree For the Picking

Do you have a fruit tree which produces more than you can use?  If so, would you be interested in calling gleaners to the rescue?  They can come, collect the fruit from your tree and leave you a third of the harvest or simply pick what you don't want.  It's a win-win solution!  No more mess and an opportunity to support people who may not have access to healthy, local food.


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