community celebration

The Peterborough Downtown Farmers' Market is back!

Tomorrow is May 1st.  Labour Day, where I am from.  I have memories of having no school that day so we could participate in political marches and/or festive outings.  One lesser known tradition, the one I remember most fondly, was the practice of offering a sprig of lily-of-the-valley to friends and loved ones, as a good luck omen for the year.  Something in season, something local that expresses our best wishes for hope and happiness.

One World Dinner


The Peterborough One World Dinner organizing committee is hosting the 32nd world's largest international vegetarian potluck dinner.  The One World Dinner is a community and fundraising event held each February and organized collaboratively by the Peterborough New Canadian Centre, Jamaican Self-Help, the Kawartha World Issues Centre and the World University Service of Canada at Trent.

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