A library for your taste buds

Workshop participants cutting strawberries

There are no databases, librarians, or actual books, but Nourish is unveiling a new library in town that offers a range of resources for extending our community’s connection to good food.

Building on the increasing popularity of at-home food preservation, Nourish's Canning Library operates much like a regular library, but, instead of books, provides free public access to a wide variety of household canning equipment.

Yes, We Can!

I have a serious weakness for green beans.  A steaming bowl of tender beans melting on a dollop of butter reminds me of my childhood.  

I love the sweet smell and delicate taste of beans.  I wish I could enjoy them year-round.  Every year I find that their season goes by way too quickly.  I never seem to be able to get my fix of them!

Eating in Ukraine

“Summer provides the food for winter,” - will say many Ukrainians while pickling cucumbers, tomatoes, squashes, beetroots, salting cabbage and mushrooms; preserving salads made of summer vegetables or even making a wide variety of fruit jams and juices or bottling compotes.


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