Kitchen Literacy - Part III

Kitchen Literacy illustrates that our relationship with food has undergone radical changes in the past 150 years.  Nothing is static... which means that everything can always change.  Indeed, we are seeing lots of new changes taking place in the food system.  By joining community gardens, shopping at farmers' markets, enrolling in CSAs or food box programs, people are starting to alter how they consume food or connect to it.

 For these practices to grow strong roots, however, we need to ask new questions such as whether our municipal, provincial and federal policies enhance or hinder our capacity to buy local food.  In particular, we need to examine how we can ensure that everyone has the opportunity to purchase nutritious food.  This is a core issue that our Nourish project is seeking to address by creating a community food centre in our region.  Stay tuned for more information about this work in the coming week...

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