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Dear Gardeners & Growers,

Nourish is looking to collect harvest yield data to see how much food we produce in community gardens across the City and County of Peterborough, and we need your help! Please help us by tracking your garden’s harvest throughout the season.  

Last year, thanks to your participation, we collected harvest yield data from some of the community gardens around Peterborough.  From this data we estimated that our community gardens produced 141,548 lbs of produce with an approximate value of $358,240.00. 

This data helps demonstrate the contribution to food security that gardens can have, helps gardeners see how they are part of a bigger, community wide movement, and can be utilized to gain support and funding to help our Community Garden Network grow and flourish.

There are two ways that you can track your garden’s harvest and help Nourish gather data (Pick your desired method,  all data will be consolidated at the end of the season!)

1.     Bucket Method- When it’s time to harvest, collect your produce using the bin provided and mark the quantity on the How Much Did We Grow This Season sheets  (If you are a part of a community garden, they will be posted in your shed, or with your Coordinator. (We use this one purchased at Canadian Tire - It is important that everyone uses a uniform container, so if you have any challenges finding it, let us know!) 

1 sticker=1 bucket / ½  sticker= ½ bucket

2.     Online submission using Farming Concrete website.  This method requires a little more dedication and a kitchen scale but will provide you with individualized harvest yield for your garden that you can compare year to year. 

·       Your account will keep all your information separate but by being a part of the Nourish group, your data will be included in the group database which will be able to be accessed by Nourish staff to be used at the end of the harvest season to compile statistics on how much produce we grow!


Thank you for your participation and happy growing season 2016!!

Please contact us if you would like to participate, and/ or if you have any questions or comments about the yield tracking process.

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2015 Data: 

Harvest Infographic