Coconut-Ginger, Squash and Kale


A highly recommended favourite, is great for fall—right in time for the squash harvest.


medium butternut squash ((other varieties will also work fine))
4 cloves
olive oil
1 1⁄2
inches ginger (peeled and grated)
salt and pepper (to taste)


Heat oven to 375 degrees. Cut the squash in half, remove seeds, brush olive oil over cut side and cavity, and place cut side down in a shallow pan. Break up heads of garlic, but don't bother to remove skins. Place whole garlic cloves in cavities of squash, and roast for about 45 min. or until squash is cooked through.

Meanwhile, begin to heat the coconut milk in a large pot. Lightly chop the kale and add to the coconut milk, and cook over medium heat - the amount of time here varies from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on how young and tender, or mature and tough the kale is, so testing by taste is best. It should be al dente, not too chewy.

While the kale is cooking, scoop squash out of shells, adding it to the of pot of kale. Pop garlic out of skins and add to the pot. Add the grated ginger, salt and pepper to taste, and lightly-mash/stir the squash and garlic as you mix it all together.

When the kale is cooked and the rest of the ingredients are heated through, enjoy. Keeps well.

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