Shelf with assorted home-canned goods

As our gardens start to grow & flourish, you may be wondering what to do with the bounty of produce that is coming out of your plots. 


We all know how amazing a fresh tomato, pepper or zucchini tastes fresh from the garden, and just how quickly some of those seasons can go by. 

canning cupboard

Canning is a great way of preserving your produce so that you can enjoy it's fresh and local taste all season long. 

We have heard many people tell us that they are intimidated by canning, or that they are worried it is too laborous, or takes days at a time to complete. 

Well, have no fear, we are here to help teach you proper canning techniques, be a place to share recipes, and even lead canning classes, canning bees and we even have a canning library where you can borrow canning equipment! 

Here is a handy booklet that provides some basic recipes for salsa and pickled beans as well as over viewing the steps required for safe canning. 

Don't hesitate to contact us with questions, recipe ideas, to find out about upcoming canning workshops, or if you are already an expert canner to help out and share some of your knowledge! 

Here is a link to a Chex Daily Spot we took part in showing you how to pickle and use garlic scapes 



Canning Pamphlet - front canning pamphlet - recipes