Canning over Zoom!


This Fall, like so many other things, we adjusted our canning classes to move on-line! Of course, we miss our in person classes where we all get together to create a recipe & the joy of hearing the jars pop & a job well done, but we did still have lots of fun in our classes regardless.

Group canning

At times jars and other canning supplies have been hard to find this fall, it seems canning has been very popular! But, we have heard that stores are starting to stock again, so hopefully everyone will get the supplies they need to keep canning!

Canning is a fairly easy & productive activity, if you have the right skills and supplies!

Learn safe step by step canning techniques here 

The following are some of our favourite recipes that we used in workshops this season.

Pickled Beans & Salsa (two of our faves!)

canning recipes

Here is a link to a video of our Salsa Canning Workshop over zoom! 

Peaches in Light Syrup 

Tomato Sauce – Here is a link to some great tips on preparing tomatoes for canning & lots of recipe ideas too!

Picked Cauliflower, Peppers & Carrots

Pickled canning

Apple Sauce - this one is very easy & kid friendly! 

Both Bernardin & Ball have loads of great seasonal recipe ideas available!

What are your favourite canning recipes?