Can All You Can: Workshop Series

Group canning
Our first Can All You Can Workshop Series was a great success. Hosted in our brand new Myrtle's Kitchen, we offered three separate workshops (You can Pickle That!, Preserving Fruits, and All Things TomatoeCanning Workshops). Each workshop was sold out, and participants had MotherDaughtercanninga great time!

In each class, we collectively worked our way through three canning recipes. Workshops were designed to be very hands-on, and partipcants had the opportunity to take part in every stage of the process from chopping up ingredients, sanitizing jars and packing produce into jars, and doing the water bath canning. All recipes were made using fresh, seasonal ingredients purchased at the Peterborough Downtown Farmers' Market the day before.

We had wonderful groups in each workshop who worked together to learn, have fun and gain skills. In the first workshop, we pickeld beans and carrots. In the second, we made strawberry jam and canned both peaches and pears in a simple honey syrup. Finally, in the third, we made a huge batch of salsa (see some recipes and instructions below). Collectively we canned 80 jars of pickles, fruits, jams and salsa! Participants were able to take home 2 jars per class and now have some delicious fresh local food preserved for the winter, not to mention the skills to do more canning at home!

Due to popular demand, we have decided to offer a second series. Please contact us to register!

Canning Poster Series 2


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