Where can I purchase local food?

I've been asking people to tell me where they go to get local food.  Overwhelmingly the answer is:  the market!  We have more and more farmers' markets available to us, particularly during the growing season, from May to October.  The County is teaming with markets:  Millbrook, Mount Pleasant, Lakefield, Warsaw, Buckhorn and Apsley provide their residents with an opportunity to access delicious food from the area.  For detailed information about these markets, check the following link from Kawartha Choice.

In addition to farmers' markets one can access local food by purchasing a basket from the community food co-op, By the Bushel, or by joining the YWCA JustFood program.  There are also lots of Community Shared Agriculture in Peterborough County such as Circle Organic and Culinary Carrot.

And what about you?  Where do you go to support local food?