Wanted: Urban Seed Saving Stewards

Urban Seed Garden Sign

We have planted a series of Urban Seed Saving Gardens around town & we want you to help them grow!

These gardens are plots in community gardens, in high profile urban locations and they need your help to thrive.

Look for these signs shown above around local community gardens and other sites to identify the gardens. They are planted to show people how to grow and save seeds, and to showcase rare heirloom varieties and crops not usually seen grown in the city. We want people to learn they can grow and save their own seeds, and they don't need a big farm to do it!  

urban grains

We have planted what we hope will grow to be a living wall between the YWCA and the bus station, a Seed Saving Plot at Calvary Community Garden, Stewart St. Community Garden, Lift Lock Community Garden and Robinson Place workplace garden. The gardens have an emphasis on pulses, but also include several grains, vegetables and herbs. 

Are you an experienced seed saver or gardener? Are you looking to learn more about seed saving and want to help some local gardens thrive? Get in touch! 

Urban Seed Stewards can help with general watering and maintenance, harvesting and cleaning seeds, and with participating in or leading informative hands-on workshops at the garden sites. If this sounds like something you would like to take part in, get in touch for more details. 

backyard seed saving All seeds grown will be cleaned and stored for distribution throughout the community, eaten in Nourish cooking classes and for re-planting locally adapted high quality seeds throughout the region for sesaons to come.

Special thanks to the Bauta Initiative on Canadian Seed Security Peterborough-Kawartha Rotary Club, and the Peterborough Horticultural Society for providing support for these gardens. 

Seeds planted include: Jacob's Cattle Beans, Black Valentine Beans, Chinese Red Long Beans, Orca Beans,  Utrecht Blue Wheat, Multi-Hued Quinoa, Blush Peas,  Buckwheat and many other unique and rare heirloom seeds that we want to see multiplied and distributed to growers throughout our communities.

Here's an infographic showcasing some of the many seeds grown last season through similar initiatives. Help us grow even more seeds this season!

 Seed Savers Collective