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A parking lot sprouts a vibrant community

Big Yellow Taxi

Big yellow taxi was one of the first Canadian songs I learned.  A friend of mine had a copy of Ladies of the Canyon where the song was first released.  Its environmental theme appealed to me and its catchy chorus became forever etched into my memory.  From that point on, any cursory glance at parking lots would bring back Joni Mitchell’s playful alliteration:

They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot.

Love Without Justice

For the past 11 years, ReFrame Film Festival has served us an amazing platter of engaging, insightful, moving and tasty stories.  Every year the Festival helps us gain a deeper understanding of critical issues related to human rights, the arts, environment and social justice, all framed through the lens of the best film-makers in Canada and beyond.  This time, festival organizers sprinkled an extra dosage of delicious offerings: nine food films!  Truly a bumper crop!

Green Your Plate While Growing a Healthy Food System... One Recipe At A Time

Want to prepare some delicious recipes, follow 7 Days of Green.  Today's recipe is served by Kawartha Choice FarmFresh.

While Greening Your Plate you may be interested in discovering how you can Green Your Week.  As you will see from the calendar, there are many activities for everyone.  I had the opportunity, yesterday, to join community gardeners at the Stewart Street garden.

"More, please!"

Canning workshop

For the past 9 months, St Andrew's United Church in Peterborough has been the site of a mouth-watering pilot project called A Taste of Nourish.  Every other week until September and weekly since then, participants have been invited to enroll in cooking classes designed to grow access to healthy food and enhance food skills.  Participants' feedback and a recently conducted evaluation have taught us that this initiative is having a positive impact.

Apples for the Picking...

I love the Fall for its bountiful offering of sweet and tart new apples.  Farmers' markets are teeming with an abundant diversity of varieties that one can try.  I love to eat different types of apples, raw or cooked, in savory dishes or sweet ones.  Do all these apples keep the doctor away?  I'm not sure they always do. Reading Michael Pollen's The Botany of Desire, I learned that this old slogan was purposely promoted by apple growers during the prohibition era.  The banning of alcohol consumption threatened the livelihood of apple growers who were heavily invested in the product

Keene on Local Food

Here is a new post submitted by Nourish County Connections staff member, Leni Rautiainen.

One of the newest farmers' markets to sprout this season is in the award-winning farm community of Otonabee South Monaghan.

Nestled in the agricultural heartland of Peterborough County, the Keene Farmers' Market is running as a pilot project on long-weekend Fridays, 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm at the Lions Den, 1137 Heritage Line (just north of the four corners).


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