food sovereignty

Food Sovereignty: What is it?

Photo of a farmers market vendor handing an apple to a customer

The vendors’ stands in any one of Peterborough’s farmers’ markets right now are amazing. The vegetables, fruits, baking, meats, cheeses, honey, jams, and other prepared foods make your head spin as you imagine how it all might taste. How lucky we are to have such abundance on our doorstep.

The Local Food Act

On Tuesday, the Ontario government re-tabled a bill that had been lost to the proroguing of the legislation in 2012.  The Local Food Act, also known as Bill 130, is now being reintroduced in the Ontario Legislature.  

The Act starts with the following preamble:

ReFrame's food offerings

In the past nine years, I've come to greatly anticipate the last weekend in January. It's the weekend of the ReFrame Film Festival and I know I'm going to be challenged, moved, questioned, propelled to act about something that had escaped my awareness previously. I feel very grateful to the amazing team of staff and volunteers who pull this event together. Without their commitment and hard work, I would never be able to enjoy the incredible diversity of socially engaged documentaries that the festival brings to our community.
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