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Green Your Plate While Growing a Healthy Food System... One Recipe At A Time

Want to prepare some delicious recipes, follow 7 Days of Green.  Today's recipe is served by Kawartha Choice FarmFresh.

While Greening Your Plate you may be interested in discovering how you can Green Your Week.  As you will see from the calendar, there are many activities for everyone.  I had the opportunity, yesterday, to join community gardeners at the Stewart Street garden.

Peterborough is sprouting a new library

Seed Saver

As I sat with Jill last week I learned how she fell in love while interning.  This love affair forever transformed her life.  Truth be told, it was not quite love at first sight, but almost.  The farm she had selected for her internship was well-known for its heirloom tomatoes and one of Jill's roles there was to save thousands of seeds from all these tomatoes.  "That's a bit of a gross job," Jill tells me, "there's lots of fermentation, there's mold but then when it clears out, you see all the seeds."

"More, please!"

Canning workshop

For the past 9 months, St Andrew's United Church in Peterborough has been the site of a mouth-watering pilot project called A Taste of Nourish.  Every other week until September and weekly since then, participants have been invited to enroll in cooking classes designed to grow access to healthy food and enhance food skills.  Participants' feedback and a recently conducted evaluation have taught us that this initiative is having a positive impact.

The Cinnamon Snail Truck

I shared, last month, how fall rains irresistibly bring me back to the days when, as a child, I used to go and collect des p'tits gris for our family feasts.  So I was drawn to the name of this truck and I was deligthed to discover that no escargot was hurt in the process of making this video... :)

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