Building biodiversity and resilience

Nourish is currently working with Peterborough Community Garden Network to grow a new dream:  establishing a Community Seed Bank.  Creating a seed bank offers an opportunity to access seed and education while building community.  Ultimately it enhances our region's biodiversity and grows our collective resilience.

Our plan is to start the process this Fall with seed saving workshops and the unveiling of the key steps required to reach our goal.  To be successful, we will need community members throughout the region engaged in learning more about the process of saving seeds on a a community scale.  Once trained these community members will become our seed stewards.  Many community members are already well versed in the seed saving process so it won't take much to implement a formal infrastructure.

Viewing the following video will give you a sense of what it takes to create a community seed bank or library.


As this video illustrates, a Community Seed Bank does not require extensive funding nor major political will.  What it needs is a strong commitment from a core group of members ready to work together on saving seeds, storing them and maintaining good records.  This labour of love will plant the seeds for our collective food future and our regional resilience.  Are you interested?  If so, contact us at or