Basic Income Resolution

Basic Income Peterborough Network Resolution (Adapted from the Association for Local Public Health Agencies supported in June 2015)

TITLE:  Support for a Basic Income Guarantee

SPONSOR:  Basic Income Peterborough Network

WHEREAS 1,745,900 Ontarians, or 13.9% of the population, live in low income according to the 2011 National Household Survey after-tax low-income measure; and

WHEREAS income inequality continues to increase in Ontario and Canada; and

WHEREAS current income security programs by provincial and federal governments have not proved sufficient to ensure adequate, secure income for all; and

WHEREAS a basic income guarantee - a cash transfer from government to citizens not tied to labour market participation - ensures everyone an income sufficient to meet basic needs and live with dignity, regardless of work status; and

WHEREAS basic income resembles income guarantees currently provided in Canada for seniors and children, which have contributed to health improvements in those age groups; and

WHEREAS there was an encouraging pilot project of basic income for working age adults conducted jointly by the Government of Manitoba and the Government of Canada in Dauphin, Manitoba in the 1970s, which demonstrated several improved health and educational outcomes; and

WHEREAS a basic income guarantee can reduce proverty and income insecurity, and enable people to pursue educational, occupational, social and health opportunities relevant to them and their family; and

WHEREAS there is momentum growing across Canada from various sectors and political backgrounds for a basic income guarantee;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the _____________________________ endorse the concept of a basic income guarantee;

AND FURTHER THAT the ___________________________ request that the federal Ministers Responsible for Employment; Child, Family and Social Development; Labour; and Health, as well as the Ontario Ministers Responsible for the Poverty Reduction Strategy; Labour; Children and Youth Services; Municipal Affairs and Housing and Health and Long-Term Care, prioritize joint federal-provincial consideration and investigation into a basic income guarantee, as a policy option for reducing poverty and income insecurity and for providing opportunities for those in low income.

AND FURTHER that the Prime Minister, the Premier of Ontario, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and the Association of Municipalities of Ontario be so advised.

Revised with updated Ministries:  November 2015